Stress is like an occupational hazard that most of us have to deal with. There are times of ups and downs in everyone’s work life. However, being able to cope with the tough times depends on each one’s ability. Some of us have the ability to cope with stress, while others become depressed.

The rise of counselling clinics is a sign that many of us need some relief from our stressful lives. But they are not the only solution. There are multiple ways to find relief from the work stress, which includes getting yourself involved in fun games, social interactions with the colleagues and so on. There are plenty of puzzle toys too to help people reduce the amount of work stress or to help them effectively deal with it. An ideal example for this is buckyballs.

About buckyballs

Bucky balls are magnetic spheres. They can be aligned together to mould thousands of designs and shapes. More than just a toy to form shapes and designs, they act as one of the best stress relief methods. With these magnetic toys, the fun never ends. As there is no limit for the shapes and designs you can come up with, there no limit for fun and entertainment with buckyballs.


About buckyballs sets

Bucky balls are a set of 216 strong magnetic balls. You may have heard of Magnetix balls, which are plastic balls that contain embedded neodymium magnets. Bucky balls do not have the plastic coating. These balls stimulate and encourage the creativity inside you. Like the Magnetix balls, the Bucky balls will help you to understand geometry, physics, and mathematics. It also improves the personal problem solving skills and helps you to train up your brain.

These balls give you the power to create and recreate unlimited number of 2D and 3D shapes. With these Bucky balls, you can construct any shape that you wish. Magnetix is another brand of magnetic balls. These balls take you to the world of puzzles that give you billions of combinations and they guarantee hours of fun.

The Magnetix balls and Bucky balls are the ideal toys that you can gift a student. These balls have the ability to stimulate and train both hemispheres of your brain. This is the fact that makes Magnetix balls and Bucky balls a more beneficial toy that the other types of puzzles. If you want to make your child a brainchild, this is the most suitable toy that you can gift him or her.

An educational tool for children

Buckyballs help children develop their creativity. As these balls can be used to create geometrical shapes and designs, which are in their mathematics textbook, the children can have fun with creating cubes and prisms. They can create various shapes.

A great stress relief toy for adults

Although many consider buckyballs as an entertainment or puzzle toy, the essential purpose of it is to help people cope with their work stress. Buckyballs can help adults deal with the stress at the work place most effectively.

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