Creating different shafes using magnetic ball is really a fun. Here I’m going to show you two methods of making a magnetic cube.

Method 1

Just to see how fast I can do them, so, let’s just get started so for method one. You want to start off with a single strand of magnets now that you’ve done that what you want to do is grab both ends, connect them, zip the entire thing up, giving you a tube or wide strip now grab one end, bring it over to the other. Connector now place it on top of itself, giving you a two by two bar now get your fingernail and then just pierce the end just like that that splits it open giving you a four ball wide strip. Now that you’ve done that, pull out your hand guard count down 18 %, it comes, it doesn’t leak. Now, when you get to iodine just cut it, bring it over here cut that along their long ways, pull both ends just to make it straight and then add it to the width of the big one. Okay, now here’s where we get to make a cube count down six one: two, three, four five six push the card in there don’t cut it grab the end fold it over and then gently slide the card out there. We have the beginning of okay turn it over fold it over again adding another six to the width. Then just keep on doing this until we eventually run out of holes making the cube there, we have it a six by six cube using method one.

Problem and its solution in method 1

So one of the first problems you’ll find that you come across when making cube using method One is that when you zip it off from the end, there will only be one not two. If that happens, you can’t make the tube is the same on this side. So the only way to fix that by grabbing the odd one off the end going to the other end, placing it on from there, you can grab the other end and continue making your cube. The next problem we may run into is similar to the previous one. Better step out, though, so when you go to make you a 2×2 bar, you may come across this problem here, there’s an odd two on the end. Now it’s easy to fix, pull the end, two off put them on the other.

Method 2

okay, now for method to what we got to do to start off with is make a group of six. Now how you do that you just can’t three down fold it over there. You go group of six okay, now you’re going to roll it up until you get a hexagon with four balls on each side, just like that, once you’ve done that pull it off, we’ll keep it over there just again we’ll go back to that in seconds. Make another group of six roll it up, just like the form making an identical hexagon go above now you just go to stack it on top of yellow, just like that now you’re, just gon na keep on doing that until we run out balls there’s our last One, let’s just could bounce off there we go now that we’ve got that grab the card and then get into the hot one at the edge. It doesn’t matter what it just make sure that’s tough at all, so let’s keep them cutting that all the way down. Until there’s, nothing left cut hasn’t, got a six ball wide strip. Just like the previews method we can make. You you’d know how to do this. If you’ve already watched it okay, so you count down six one. Two three: four: five: six stick your card in there fold it over, pull it out and do the same fold it over. I don’t believe in commentary for this.

Problem and its solution in method 2

There we go successfully made by using method two now, a problem that I ran into twice when I was showing you this before, is that when I placed one of the hexagons on top of the other one it meshed in between each other, like that, that’s that’s Bad, the e-commerce to bikers so fix that very, very simple, where you got to do just flip it over to the other side, so just to check that you’ve got a ride, place the edges onto each other and see if they touch if they do flip it.

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