Buckyballs is a set of 216 balls that are made from powerful magnets. The user will be able to mold and shape unlimited forms of magnetic sculptures and if you have more than a few magnetic balls, you can use them to make a mega sculpture. Tear the magnets apart and then snap them back to have hours of unending fun.

These magnetic balls are made from Neodymium, which is a rare earth metal that is mined in China. Buckyballs is the brand name for a set of small, magnetic spheres that is sold in sets of 216. These balls are strong enough to stay in a loop to make a necklace or bracelet. These balls can prove to be life threatening if ingested as they can they can block your intestines. It is possible to make any shape from the set of these magnetic balls that includes a geodesic dome, as designed by Buckminster Fuller. This is the reason why these balls got the name Buckyballs. These balls can be coated with silver or Zinc to protect the magnetic properties of the balls.

These balls are aimed at children above the age of eight years as it contains parts that can be harmful if swallowed. If your child swallowed the balls, you should seek medical help immediately or else it can prove fatal to your child. Also, these powerful magnets can cause damage to some of the electronic equipments due to the magnetic radiations coming from the balls. Due to this reason, you should be careful while using the balls near electronic products.

These powerful magnets can also damage electronic medical instruments and information stored in magnetic storage devices. This means that the Bucky balls should not come in close contact with any type of magnetic storage devices.

Kliky Balls

These are smooth spheres that are made from magnets. As these spheres are made from magnets, they have the ability to stick to each other strongly, so that you can mold an unlimited number of fun designs and shapes. Every Kliky ball has two poles, one side attracts, and the other repels. The biggest advantage with Kliky balls is that you do not need any instructions to use them. You can have your own rules to make fun shapes with these balls.

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