Nature and science are always considered as two wonderful mediums that offer the best learning opportunities. This is more applicable for students and small children. Is your child’s birthday fast approaching? Then it will certainly be a great idea to gift him science toys that can boost his imagination and creative abilities. You can watch your boy enjoy his learning sessions like never before.

Major benefits of science toys

Science toys are always believed to be inspirational tools. They are best suited for students who are geniuses in the making. In fact, science toys can certainly make the experience of learning science more interesting. Nowadays, buckyballs are touted as one of the best science toys available in the market. The cool concept behind buckyballs is garnering a lot of public interest.

Buckyballs are small and smooth magnetic spheres. There are two magnetic poles. One pole attracts and one repels. This magnetic property makes them cling to each other and prevent them from being detached. Students can use these science toys to make numerous shapes and forms. The shapes can be associated very closely to geometry, physics, metaphysics etc.

Buckyballs are in a way very much related to Klikyballs. The use is completely different even though both are having a similar concept behind them. Unlike the buckyballs, Klikyballs are mainly used as an instant stress reliever.


Stress is both an unavoidable and unpleasant factor in our daily lives. Be it at our work place or at home, it can get us at any point of time. This is where we can see the significance of Klikyballs. These smooth magnetic spheres provide us with instant relief from stress and job pressure. We can make interesting forms and become relieved of stress. The best part is that there are no rulebooks or specific instructions to use Klikyballs. On the other hand, our creativity will know no limits while we are playing with Klikyballs. We can create unlimited designs with the awesome magnetic spheres.

Klikyballs comes in three colors – gold, silver and black. You can purchase them as individual sets of the same color or buy as many sets of all the three colors as you wish. You can make shapes and figures using individual colors or mix and match the colors to make the designs more interesting.

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